How to Check SI Accuracy with Detailed Reports

How to Check SI Accuracy with Detailed Reports


With proper key word adjustments, SI predictive analytics delivers accuracy, compentence and relevance and fairness. That is worth working towards. And sometimes, getting reports supper accurate is a matter of weeding out errors or omissions. It should not take more than a couple of weeks if done right.


 The solution is to check the Summary Report conclusions for accuracy by checking the groupings of services in the detailed report. 

Step 1:

  1. SEARCH VEHICLE: Enter the first or last name, company or phone number to locate a customer and select the vehicles in question.
  2. OPEN DETAILED REPORT: Click on the Detailed report icon or right click ont he vehicle, then select Detail to open a Detailed Report in a new tab.
  3. DETAILED SERVICE HISTORY:  All the service records in your management system are listed by service types allowing individual tracking of each service life cycle.  


Step 2: Search for a service or key word.

  1. Click ont he Search maginfying glass icon.
  2. Enter the key word to be search such as "BRAKE".
  3. Scroll down and look at the entire report for every event in the history of the vehicles with that term. Do this  to locate a service you think was performed but SI did not identify. All matching key words will be highlighted.
  4. If you find an error and need support, the short-cut is to email the report by clicking on the Email icon next to the print icon, and send the report to We will receive everything we need to resolve the issue.