How To Send Mobile Optimized Service-Progress Reports

How To Send Mobile Optimized Service-Progress Reports


There are three types of reports to choose from for print or emailing. In the case of email, chances are that your customer will be reading the report on a cell phone. The Summary and Detailed reports have too much information and will not be readable.


The solution is to open the Progress Report conclusions for accuracy by checking the groupings of services in the detailed report. 

If our customer is at the office, then go ahead and use these two steps to email the Summary Report.

  1. SEARCH VEHICLE: Enter the first or last name, company or phone number to locate a customer and select the vehicles in question.
  2. CLICK SEND: Click on the Send icon to send a faithful copy of the report as an email. However, if the customer is on the road or using their cell phone, right
    on the vehicle and select Progress.


View 1: Once the Progress report is viewable in the preview pane, click on the Email icon as shown above. This is a sample of the SI Progress report printout using a color laser printer.

View 2: Point of Sale Progress Email as viewed in MS Outlook desktop application and mobile phone optimized.

View 3: SI Progress report
mobile optimized
email as viewed on an iPhone 5.

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