Service Reminder - Start Automation

Service Reminder - Start Automation


Contact automation is a condition-based part, lubricant and fluid alter system that automatically sends Service Reminder mobile optimzed emails. This article explains how to customize your offer and start automated daily delivery of Service Reminder email and optionally, postcards.



Step 1: Start ServiceIntelligence by clicking on the SI icon, also found under All Programs/eAutoClub/ServiceIntelligence.exe.  Inside of SI, click "Service Reminders" bar at the bottom left of the ServiceIntelligence desktop application.

Step 2: Note the Target Tab has the four customer contact groups pre-selected. Do not make any changes here unless you are an advanced user and a temporary reason for any change. Click on the list of customers selected for contact today.

Step 3: By clicking on any of the vehicles shown on the left window frame, the viewer will display the service recommendations for that particular vehicle on the right frame. The check boxes may be de-selected to exclude a vehicle email from being sent. This is a temporary option to not send the email this time only. If you want to permanently exclude someone or a vehicle from being targeted, you can Opt-In or Opt-Out within your shop management sytems by going to the customer of vehicle records and select "Include/Exclude from in CRM"

Step 4: Click on the "Offer Tab". SI allows theoffers to be based on the customer loyalty. The four groups listed to have a different offer based on how long the family has been away from the shop.

SI service reminder automation is a persistent process that is designed to blanket all vehicle owners that visited the shop in the last 12 months with four contacts per year. The service reminder can be an email or/and postcard.

Notice the Targeted Tab has four groups.

  • First email/postcard is sent at 3 month after the last service visit. If this service reminder does not bring the vehicle in,
  • a second contact is automatically sent 90 days later, with service recommendations updated as of the day of the email.
  • If the second contact still does not do the trick, then a third email is sent out at the 9 month mark.
  • The final attempt to bring the vehicle is at 360 days since last service visit.

Put another way;

Group 1 has been away from the shop for only 90 days. This group is current and may not need to come in yet (10% discount).

Group 2 vehicles have been away from your bays for 180 days (10% discount).

Group 3 vehicles have been away for 270 days (17% discount).

Group  4 vehicles have been for 360 days (20% discount).

Best practices include carefully allocating your coupon discount budget where you need it most. SI automatically adjusts the coupon by FAMILY, not by vehicle insuring that a family only sees the smallers discount accross all their vehicles.

In the above example, discount is increased when customer is away for 9 months or more. Alternatively, check the box "Use Fixed Offer" to disable variable coupon and instead use a fixed coupon. This is used when a well established Oil Change coupon or flat discount does the trick and the shop does not want to a) introduce a different or b) no incentive at all. When Fixed Offer is used, all vehicles get the same offer.

Step 5 - Clilck on the "Deliver Tab" and click on the "Start Auto" button or the start "Automation Icon".


Sample: SI Service Reminder mobile optimized mails as viewed on MS Outlook destop applications and cell phones.

No Email? No problem. Send a mirror copy in a postcard format.


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