Using SI - Deepen Customer Loyalty & Create Competitive Advantage

Using SI - Deepen Customer Loyalty & Create Competitive Advantage

When you exceed your customers' expectations, you deepen customer loyalty and create competitive advantage. In other words, we need to blow them away with a clearly superior customer-service experience.

This is what we call your recognizable “Signature Service”. The shops that use ServiceIntelligence ("SI") belong to the Aftermarket automotive service elite.

Most SI users already own and/or operate the top shops in their respective markets. So the question is, "how do you improve a top shop?"

The easiest way is to provide ServiceIntelligence's Managed Auto Care.

SI enhances the customer-service experience at the front counter. It improves their perception of your business as compared to the competition. What we mean is that even if you do 98% of the repair or service perfectly, but the 2% missing is communicating your excellence at the counter, you might not shine as much as you should in the mind of the customer. 

ServiceIntelligence is used at the front counter with every customer interaction. All vehicles owned by the customer should be printed out, not just the vehicle that was brought in. This allows a comparison of the different driving habits among family members and communicates your laser-sharp focus on maintenance. Also, explain that recommendations are fair and balance because they are based on each vehicle's usage. It lays the foundation for a heart-to-heart discussion about the brutal cost of unnecessary repairs caused by neglecting regular maintenance.

Explain the following: 

"In the 80s, vehicles over 100,000 miles were not economical to maintain so you had to go and buy a new one every 3-5 years. Advances in science, technology and engineering have improved plastics, rubber, lubricants, coolants, etc. keeping our vehicles from deteriorating so fast. New engine technologies are together with better manufacturing techniques allow the vehicles of today to last 250,000 miles or more. This is why it is smart to properly maintain your car or truck so that you won't need to go out and buy a new vehicle prematurely." 

The AAA (The American Automobile Association) has extensive studies corroborating the benefits of holding on to vehicles by extending their useful life with regular maintenance. 

Add the following: 

"Some of our customers have outdated purchasing habits. They go to the fast-lube shop for an oil change, to the tire shop for tires, to the brake shop for brakes and then they come to us when the vehicle does not start. The problem with this is that now nobody has the full picture of your vehicle's maintenance. It is smarter to find a trusted shop with Managed Auto Care and use them exclusively for maintenance."  

Ask your customer for 100% loyalty in regards to maintenance to help you make Managed Auto Care work for them too.

So the message to your customer is: 

"With Managed Auto Care our promise to you is to make your vehicle safer, more reliable, lower your cost of ownership, extend its useful life and increase the resale value."

SUMMARY: SI Managed Auto Care provides a substantive value that addresses customers' worries about the economy and keeping their vehicle running so that they can get to work! Exceeding our customer's automotive service expectations deepens customer satisfaction,  boosts customer loyalty and creates a clear competitive advantage.

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